Question asked 3 years ago
How can I earn from this/musing platform?

Whao!! a great question.

Musing is a very wonderful platform that reward your answers with the upvote it deserves.

How you can earn on musing is very simple and i will list and explain it for you: let start!!

1. Login in: Your appearance on musing is the no 1 priority which musing is after. when you start answering and asking questions you earn and the more you keep answering question musing will consider you and start increasing your upvote reward.

2. Answer questions correctly and perfectly: This is also one priority, you answer question and break it down to the understanding of the person asking the question and also to the musing community. The more your question and answers are quality the more you earn from musing

3, Quantity and quality of your answer: Your answer must have a nice and great quality and must have much quantity that could be understandable.

4. Upvote answer/questions: By upvoting answers and questions you are not only helping the person who ask/answer the question, you are also helping yourselve because musing will later consider you as one who is ready to bring development to the platform.

and more........

hope i have answered your question?

have a nice reading!!