Ohoho well there's several list of it for saying.


Don't ever you dare to start smoking, it's bad, it's bad, and its bad. Even though I'm not among the smokers, I know it's bad thing to be a habit. And it's causing damage for so much area, start from your health, your finances, even your family. And it's really hard to stop for being a smoker. Like Thanos said "a hard choice requires a strongest will". Beside I still don't know what's a good benefit of smoking.


Nobody like if a person being lied to them, beside being a liar is bad, and it's being prohibited by religions and society. And for sure whoever get used to lie everyday. It'll become a habit for them. Lie is affecting so much thing's in your life, even from the health side. So be warn, and trying to be honest everytime, even when we know it's hard :)


This is the best friend of smoking ha-ha. And have the same effect, but less. And the quicken effect such drunk. And when you drunk you won't be able to control yourself and likely to commit other crime, such fighting, stealing, or a hard one like raping, or even starting riot. But the classic is driving while drunk.

Using Drug

This one is a seriously bad. Don't ever try this one. Got no use, and have bunch of destructive effect on whoever that adducted to it. And drug have so many forms. Marijuana, Ecstasy, cocaine, just named them. Please for your own good don't ever try this.

That's some of point I want to tell. But there's many more you can find.