Question asked 2 years ago
What Are the Lasting Solutions to Indecent And Half-naked Dressing Among Ladies ?

Insofar as that is a problem to you, the only lasting solution available to you is to learn to control your impulses to the extent you will be able to fully control yourself at the sight of a scantily dressed woman. In some cultures, women are normally covered head to toe and many of the men in those cultures feel entitled to oggle at, grope or even sexually assault women who are not dressed by their own cultural standards of modesty - even when traveling or having emigrated to the countries these women are natives of. Men from these cultures are disproportionately guilty, by a factor of 10-20 even when demographic factors are controlled for, of rapes of even children. The ugliest and the most disgusting crimes involve violent gang rapes of children that leave life-long physical and emotional scars on the victims.

The essence of manhood is self-control. The men who commit these abominable acts are not men but animals and that is an insult toward animals. I'm in favor of extremely harsh and strict punishments for gang rapists of children in particular. What we've seen in the election of Trump, a proto-fascist lite is a mere prologue of what is to come should problems with immigration get out of hand simultaneously to serious economic trouble threatening the socio-economic standing of the middle class. The subset of those immigrant groups that is responsible for these crimes is making these populations in their entirety very easy targets for repression. Europeans have a track record of industrial-scale genocide of minorities in their midst that they do not fancy. Certain immigrant groups would be wise to critically examine their value systems and customs once settled in the countries they have migrated to. Europeans may seem as if they were scared of their own shadows, which they are - and for an exceptionally good reason. Once the genie is out of the bottle certain groups may find themselves disappearing in smoke - literally. I do not wish any such thing to happen, of course. It would be completely horrific. But what I think is that those communities where the sight of scantily clad women is deemed a serious problem, are in need of serious self-examination. Predatory behavior begets predatory behavior. That statement is borne out of understanding of human behavior.