Yes Steemit was the first Steem app that I got introduced to. It was exactly 1 year back when this happened. When I was looking for options to earn cryptocurrencies, mining cryptocurrencies was very popular. I was reading a lot about blockchain and crypto mining. Lots of people suggested about investing in Cryptocurrencies. Though I did make a huge investment on cryptocurrencies, I was also curious to know if there are other methods apart from mining to generate cryptocurrencies or earn cryptocurrencies. While looking for that option, I ended up in steemit website. 

As soon as I landed here, everything was greek and latin for me and it was quite challenging to understand what this website was all about. I had very little knowledge on blockchain itself. Like all the other people I was also carried away by the trending page. Initially I thought it was easy money but after writing few articles I realized that I have to learn a lot first before I can start posting here. 

So to answer your question, yes Steemit was the first steem app that I got introduced to. Later when I heard from people that there is also another app where we can share and post images, I came to know about steepshot. Later after few months I gradually got to know about busy and other interfaces for steem blockchain. Today we have so many dapps and interfaces available for steem blockchain. Recently @therealwolf has designed a website that will list out all the interfaces, apps and dapps that are available for steem blockchain. You can check that out from the below link. The website is still in Alpha phase.