I would say that any person should always refrain from doing bad things. Initially people will have more resistance towards doing bad things or unethical activity that harms either themselves or others. But once they start doing it, they find no issues with that and they continue to do it without any hesitation. They will also become more curious to continue that activity. I can give few examples of things a person should never start or always refrain from doing.


Smoking is injurious to health. Some people know about that really well but they are highly addicted to it and they find it very difficult to come out of that habit. For some people it may not be very regular but they start smoking whey they drink and gradually when they get good company, they smoke a lot. In spite of knowing the fact that smoking is injurious to healthy, they find it really hard to get rid of smoking. 


Some people might argue saying that Drinking is not as bad as smoking. But it is not true. There have been so many extreme cases in India. They not only spoil their healthy but they also spoil the future of their family. In some families after drinking the person will misbehave with the family members. I have heard a lot about so many such families. This may be a different case in other countries. But drinking is really bad with respect to India. A person will be able to live with a dignity that he is a non drinker only until they maintain that. If they get to that habit even once, it will drag them again and again. They will have to experience so many embarrassing situations in their life. So this is one thing that a person should never start in their life.


Of course the consequences of gambling is self explanatory. Money can do anything to a human being. Only few people can escape from the trap of money. If you are someone who is living with a dignity that you are not a gambler, then I think it should be maintained throughout the life. The addiction that people get towards gambling is something that can ruin their life completely. I have seen people who waste all their hard earned money on gambling. Both continuous winning as well as continuous losing can create lots of addiction in people. If you start winning once, you will want to win again and again. It is not a guarantee that it will always be a win. You will even end up losing so many times. 

All the bad habits that we see can really be amusing but they have serious consequences. One may not realize the effect immediately, but when they plan to make a difference to their life, it can be kind of challenging for them to change. 

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