Question asked 3 years ago
With the rise of video streaming, do you think time will come when theaters or cinema would be replaced by streaming platforms?

Yes! I think with the rise of video streaming all around the world, there will come a time when theatres or cinemas will be replaced by video streaming platforms. New platforms have been developed recently and most people save themselves the stress of going to the theaters and they rather sit at the convenience of their homes and stream new home videos. If it continues this way, in few years to come people will see no need in going to the cinemas as they can see the movies anywhere they are either with their mobile phones or PC's.

Going to cinemas are always fun though as you get to see the movies in a magnified form and you catch fun especially if you are going with a loved one. But internet technology is about taking over in full form so in the future is you go to the theater you are just going so you have fun outdoors.