Question asked 3 years ago
How many comments do you get per post? Compared with the number of active users you follow, would you say your content is of any impact?

I would say it is a very small percentage and average maybe 4 or 5 comments a post. I am happy with that and think that it is probably higher than average.

Most posts I see on the platform have one or two and they are thanking them for using bots and  don't really count. I think you are doing exceptionally well if you receive 10 or more comments but that would be rare or you have a strong following.

I have noticed since i have grown that I am picking up more followers but they haven't commented on posts yet. One or two have but time will tell if they will.

My content varies so much that I don't get bored and the Steemit posts seem to attract more comments. I suppose they can recognize what i am saying and could have an impact on what they are doing.