Question asked 2 years ago
How to know if a person is intimaded by your personality?

Lol. I actually had it today when someone I was talking too who went all defensive. Normally when someone is intimidated they change and it is subtle things like body language.

Today was a prime example as I was asking direct questions and the one I was quizzing wouldn't look at me. I knew that I had the upper hand, but I wasn't trying to intimidate him.

If I really want to impose myself and intimidate i can but I don't normally try and do it. I have a reputation that precedes me in business and I am direct. i like things done correctly first time and don't like mistakes. I don't beat around the bush and know what i am doing and they know I can smell a lie a long way off.

Normally when someone is intimidated they will firstly avoid eye contact. They will then talk slower as they are unsure if you will believe them and are carefully choosing their words. They will try and get rid of you as quickly as possible.