Question asked 2 years ago
I Spent About 4 hours Daily In Musing-io: How Would You Consider This ; Too Much or Not Enough: Why?

it all depends on how much time you are spending on Steemit. If you are spending more time on musing and less on Steemit you may be doing it wrong.

I am not going to advise you either way as you should know what your goal is. If you want to build your Steemit account you can only do that by working on Steemit growing your followers.

If you just want monetary and aren't worried about your followers then musing is  a good choice. The problem will come though when all the older users return and new users sign up. If you aren't part of  a community on Steemit you will be left behind.

I have to spend at least 6 hours  a day on Steemit supporting my followers and the others I follow. I spend roughly 2 to 3 hours  a day in musing and Steemhunt and I wish i had more time to spare.

I think I am safe now but I still need to grow quickly before it becomes main stream. What we all have to think of is when everyone arrives and this place becomes busy if you have no support you are going to be in trouble. The reward pool will be shared amongst millions of users and it doesn't grow it stays the same size. 

I haven't checked if you are a decent sized account or not or have loads of followers but that is what would worry me right now.