Question asked 3 years ago
What The Fastest Way to Learn a Foreign Language?

There's no shortcut to learn languages but below are some tips and tricks to make language learning process faster.

1) A partner who's language level is the same as your. You can practice with him/her, watch foreign movies to discuss about the movie in foreign language, teach each other something new, compete with each other to make the language learning process more interesting.

2)Adaptation. You should immerse yourself in target language. Use it in your daily life, think in your target language, read or watch news,

3)Find a native speaker who you can talk via Skype. When you talk with a native speaker you can know what are your mistakes, you can correct your pronunciation etc.

4) If you have opportunity then travel to the country where your target language is spoken. It's the fast and most natural way to learn a language because everyone around you will speak your target language.