Question asked 2 years ago
Wy do alot of big names submit suicide despite the fact that they apparently have everything?

depression is a major factor in people committing suicide, because depression can attack everyone without seeing the economic status of the rich or poor, in my view happiness and calm are not measured by the material, but how to deal with the problems that occur, because everyone is certainhave a problem just depends on how to respond to it, the most important foundation for people to live is faith, belief in the owner of life. sure God will not burden humans beyond their limits ...

happiness that we make is not an object or other person, in a religion that I believe in, the nature of the human being always feels lacking, a lot of being grateful is the key to living peace of life. Every human being is born to live life with all its problems

whatever problems we face are still struggling to solve them well, even if we need help never hesitate to ask for a helping hand from the people closest to us