There are different ways to make our content on steemit front page let us discuss one by one:

1) If we have written the blog with good articles and also we include good adverb which can attract the people to read the blog.

2) In our blog the blog should be unique than others so we can have it on the steemit front page.

3) If blog is unique then we can used different tags so with the help of different tags we can have a chance to get our post on front page of the steemit account.

4) Once we calculate how much it has cost the user maybe you will think twice about trying to get onto trending by any other way than writing a well written article.

5) Post rewards $506.19 -$126.55 curation = $379.64. This equates to a $66.36 loss and is a waste of money. The user would have been better of writing a post and organically making some rewards by normal upvotes.

6) If we have good steem power than we can make our post to have trending position by giving steem power to community and so we have at front page.

The above given points will be helpful to everyone to have our post on the top of the steemit account.

Thanks for Readings