Question asked 3 years ago
What is the reason for you staying in Steemit?

The reasons to stay in steemit varies from person to person. One may not be collaborative and capitulative with others in this platform, but everyone does have their plan, their ambition and goal in their life and accordingly they prioritize the things in life. For me one of such priority in daily life is to spend some time in steemit.

 It has been 5 months already for me in steemit and I have not earned big time in steemit but I have a plan, goal already set for next 6 months. In the early months of joining, I spent some time to completely understand steem blockchain. It is not that easy for a new comer and it really takes time to understand the basics of steemit and steem blockchain. Now I am used to with it. I am spending 2/3 hours daily in steem blockchain.

Basically I love social blogging and through steemit I am experiencing decentralized social media, that is the foremost reason for me to stay in this community and that is why it comes in my priority list.

Actually I am not familiar with all the dApps yet, and I am still learning and understanding each of them. At the moment I am spending more time on musing. I feel that musing is such a dApps which is really good for new comer like me. There may be some changes in future, but currently I am really enjoying musing a lot.

Put simply, musing and steemit are now my priority list and that is why I am here. If I will be successful in steem blockchain in next 6 months and earn some good money then I will buy a laptop. I think I joined late, but it's ok. From here also I can come good, if I will be consistent.