Question asked 2 years ago
What keeps bringing you back to musing?

I want to be honest while answering this question. It is the upvote reward which keeps me coming back to musing again and again. No matter how small the upvote, but I always look for an upvote reward. I don't mind if musing has selection criteria to distribute the upvote, because that selection criteria will keep me to do my best to be among the ones to be upvoted. So as long as it is curating the questions and answers, I will love being in this dApp.

One more interesting thing I must say, that apart from steemit & dPoll this is the only other dApp, I engage in Steem blockchain. My interest and my passion suits this category and hence I am really looking forward to musing to be successful like Steemhunt. 

If musing can bring SP delegation close to 0.2 million at least, then also it can work wonder and many good musers will again join here. I see a lot of potential for this platform but I am not seeing any support from the steem community either.

The type and quality of question even during dry season like now, are really good and I actually got to know many new things from reading the questions and answers here. So that is aspect which keeps me motivated to stay here.