Question asked 2 years ago
What is the best way of avoiding arguments in marriage?

Avoiding argument in marriage is not as easy as it seems when avoiding it with friends, colleagues and neighbours.

Argument is bound to take place in marriage except there's a pretence being exhibited by one partner.

Actually, without argument it looks like the couple are not trying anything new. Because there has to be a decision for a disagreement to take place which eventually results to the argument.

Be it as it may, there are some arguments that are not healthy no matter how I try to paint it good. Such usually occur as a result of misinterpretation leading to misunderstanding.

These are the type we'd have to avoid in other to continue to enjoy the dividends of the marriage. But how?

As a man, don't always see your decision or contribution in a matter as the best and final no matter how accurate you are. Give room for your wife to support. If her stand ain't good enough to justify yours, make her see reasons with you. Don't try to compel her into accepting your decision. If your effort proves abortive, stop the conversation and leave the scene. Put her in prayers. Its more better than creating a scene and shouting ontop of your voice.

The same is applicable to the woman.

Let me share a story, I went to a wedding reception and the chairman was called to give an opening speech. In his speech he shared an ordeal that happened recently with his wife. He said he was having a serious argument with his wife. He was actually trying to compel her to see reasons, on the process he was slapped by his wife. He quietly left the scene. Luckily it was in the night, so he quickly jumped into the bed to sleep. His wife who thought he'd be provoked and retaliate was schoked at his attitude and then became angry. In the morning, she prepared breakfast thinking he won't eat. The man patiently ate everything told her Thank you and off! He left for work. She continued with her bitterness, when the man came back she couldn't continue any longer. Immediately she went on her knees and apologized for everything.

He forgave her and life continued.

What's the essence of the story? "Compelling" if she wasn't compelled it wouldn't have resulted to a slap even if it is wrong.

Be discipline enough to control your anger. Its only going to last for sometime.

I hope this answer will help a little.