Question asked 3 years ago
What can i do with parents that are over protective?

I know parents can really be over protective, even from the word, they are trying to protect you from impending problems, how ever the over protectiveness can sometimes be a disadvantage to the children, few things are needed for you to break out this cage called " over protectiveness"

Most people have low self esteem because they have not been able to stand up for themselves, their parents have always been there for them, they are in bounds of the protectiveness of their parents.

I want to you note that parent who are over protective do so because the feel their children or ward can't stand in for themselves, they feel they know what is best for them and they see themselves in positions to make decisions for them, for you to break free, you must stand in for yourself and let them realize that you are are capable of making decisions for yourself. Let them know you are ready to accept the consequences of your decisions.

When they can see that self confidence built inside of you, You see them bringing down the walls of over protectiveness.


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