Question asked 3 years ago
Will you have relatives stay in your house or you'd prefer they only come around to visit?

well, personally, i'm of the ideology that allowing other persons aside your immediate family and by immediate i mean your wife and children stay with you is more or less inviting problems into your marriage. itt can be likened to the idiom of sitting on a keg of gun powder with a match stick at hand.

i'm from a family where if not for the intervention of God and the quick suspicion of my parents, third parties i.e family members would have caused a rift so big between my dad and my mom that they would have ended up divorcing and i would have ended up being brought up by a single parent.

i wouldn't want to bore you with the less interesting details of the story but i'd simply say allowing third parties wether family members of not live with you is like deliberately opening your sheep farm for the lion to come and devour. it might just lead to mild quarrels between spouses or even big fights. its a law of cause and effect, actions and reactions to things can escalate.

to simply put, my relatives cannot and will not stay in my house, they'd be allowed only to visit once in a while and not all the time. i'd like to keep my family united without the interference of others and without others being aware of what goes on in my family, call me conservative, it's my personal opinion and an established fact that third party kills relationships and marriages, and case fights between spouses.

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