Question asked 2 years ago
Is Theresa May really a bad prime minister?

The person most responsible for the current chaos in the UK is David Cameron. Theresa May volunteered to clean up the mess and execute a policy she campaigned against. But she made a number of unforced errors:

- She activated Article 50 before she had a plan for implementing Brexit. Of course, the EU 27 weren't going to negotiate before starting the clock, but she could have worked out a detailed, realistic plan and researched which options were likely to be accepted.

- Like most British politicians, May assumed that the EU needed the UK as much as the UK needed the EU. Eventually, the German car exporters would pressure Merkel to give the UK free trade without freedom of movement for people. And who cares about Ireland? This strategy had already failed when Cameron demanded concessions before the referendum.

- She called an election for cynical political reasons. Remember the headline in The Daily Mail: "CRUSH THE SABOTEURS". That's not how it turned out. She lost her majority and came to depend on the Democratic Unionist Party.

All in all, even in these challenging circumstances a Prime Minister like Churchill or Thatcher could have done a better job.