Question asked 2 years ago
Is it possible to go through the entirety of life without ever being depressed -- even just once?

I'm what I would call an Anti-Depressant. I'm constantly cheerful, and dependably think emphatically, to the point where individuals around me are astoundedly envious that I can generally look to the future in the manner in which that I do. 

All things considered, I have many companions that are discouraged, and they cherish conversing with me, and I adore conversing with them as well, since they state I help them have a craving for keeping living. It's very satisfying, however I'm progressively glad that they don't attempt to end their life, and i should simply be companions with them! 

The main thing that I've found similar to an issue with my energy, is that when individuals are not in the state of mind for it (they're emotions are so firmly negative that they simply don't need anything to go right), they will get frantic at me, or baffled with me for all intents and purposes overlooking their antagonism. A short time later, however, they end up saying 'sorry' for getting distraught at me for acting naturally. Since that is simply me. I'm simply glad. I can't utter a word more than that, since I truly don't have a clue why, and I couldn't care less either. I'm cheerful to realize that I'm upbeat. 

In any case, when I do get irate, I've been disclosed to it's entirely frightening…