Question asked 2 years ago
What Are the Lasting Solutions to Indecent And Half-naked Dressing Among Ladies ?

Your thought process has probably been altered in ways you can't even imagine. Why would women dress in a certain way? To maybe not provoke some reaction from males (who are not working on themselves) & objectifying them? Give me a fucking break.

We are all part of the nature, every single part of my body is perfectly natural. Same as every part of woman body. If you are having problem with what they dress, then you might be a part of the problem

Think about it that way. Your life should revolve only & only around you. Not anyone else, if you start from that standpoint you'll slowly realize how it has nothing to do with you how anyone dresses, not woman nor a man

So please, the fact that you've been brainwashed by growing porn-industry that's here only to distract you & point in wrong direction, doesn't mean that women who are positive about their bodies dressing in the way they want - are trying to provoke a reaction from you

Who are you, why do you even matter? Same question can be applied to any other man, that cluelessly wanders around - looking women as object, scanning them as scanner

That's pure BS and nothing else but BS. This question is a clear indicator how you have lot self work to do, and need to learn to respect other freedom of choice - along with understanding the fundamental laws of nature. Your body/ my body/ her body is perfectly natural! The more exposure it gets to Sun (on naked skin) healthier we shall become

Therefore clothes are the problem & nothing else but a tool from the corps to amass profits while basically making us stuck in materials we should never even wear in the first place!

Change your perception, release the chains from the past & you might notice how your reality is changing