Question asked 2 years ago
I Spent About 4 hours Daily In Musing-io: How Would You Consider This ; Too Much or Not Enough: Why?

That's a question only you can answer. You're the one to evaluate your time and work here. 

First of all you have to know why are you here, what's your main goal. If it's money, then you can run the number to see if your effort is rewarded accordingly. If not, you have to find a way to improve. 

If you're here to read, to learn and engage, then you should know if you're satisfied with what you get. There are interesting questions and answers we can learn a lot from, it's an educational platform, can't deny that. 

There is also another aspect you need to think about. Balance is the key in life, we all are busy, have our own life outside Steemit and Musing. So you are the one who knows if you're neglecting your duties because of the amount of time spent on Musing.