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What The Fastest Way to Learn a Foreign Language?

What the fastest way to learn Foreign Language?

Well, I want to answer based on my experience living abroad. Whereas I am an Indonesian, who use Indonesian as a mother tongue Language.

1. Find friends to do simple conversations.

Find friend to do simple conversation. No need to be shy or afraid of being wrong! Althought of Grammar too deep. Because a native speaker also does not use grammar if dialogue. We must Have the confidence to continue to practice, because only by continuing to speak, your tongue will get accents in English.

2. Download English application and Learn it!

There are many free applications that offer to learn English. You can download it, and as Arana learn, when you have free time, while playing mobile. This method makes it easy for us to learn English in a basic way, and then increase to the next level.

3. Watch Movie, Listen song, read book or novel in English

You can watch movies, listen to music, and read books that speak English. I suggest, not to choose a difficult vocabulary, for the learning stage. Because it will make us feel difficult, then don't want to learn anymore. Learning from the basic stage will make it easier for us to understand English grammar and pronunciation.

4. Find friends where you can chat or telephone English.

Yeah! This is the best way. Where you can practice two ways. Chatting and speaking. Look for what is smarter than us, so that he will give a match, when we make mistakes in pronunciation and spelling when writing chats.

5. Try to speak byself

Try standing in front of a mirror, wash it yourself. Think of the mirror as your interlocutor. So you will know what your style is like, when doing dialogue in English. This activity is important, because foam trains you to be an emcee or moderator who uses English.

Those are the best way that I used to learn Foriegn Language, How about?

Taiwan, August 27th, 2018

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