Question asked 2 years ago
Why It is better to tell a truth ?

Truth always keep us free from worries and thinkings which make us sad.once we lie then we have to speak more lies to hide our lie..this make us afraid that telling truth will prove our image wrong before our family or someones.but when we lie again and again we think we are safe but that is wrong because it's just a wall of weak bricks around us which can be broken by any one.then our truth will be before everyone.this wil be then shameful situation because we have to admit heap of our lies instead of single lie.becuse I am sure that truth can't be hide.it is just one side of lying.

On other hand we have many religions and beliefs in this world.no religion says us to tell lie.speaking truth is the universal truth.we all should accept this by open heart.this is reality of life.sometimes it's good to hide truth but not necessary to tell lie instesd of telling truth.

Happiness and respect is always hidden behind the truth.