Question asked 2 years ago
Which is your favourite board game? What makes it interesting for you?

I used to play a bunch of board games when I was younger, from Snakes & Ladders, Checkers, Chess...etc But the one that I truly enjoy is Monopoly, I bet everyone would agree that it's one of the most popular board game of all time.

What I think that interest me the most is the excitement that I get into gaining & developing the properties along my way through the board. The challenging part is to avoid getting bankrupt while buying properties and spending my money through passing-by the other players properties.

Aside from making and spending of money, there are also twist and turns along the board. One of them are the violations that might cause you penalties while could even land you in Jail. These are possible real life scenarios that might happen to me if I'm not careful enough.

It's the kind of board game that even adults will find it interesting enough to get them to play. And for a young child, it could also be an early preparation for his/her future when it comes to finacial management.


Image source: Pixabay.com & Shuttershock.com