Question asked 2 years ago
Why It is better to tell a truth ?

I want to answer this question with a good example. One of the characters who left their childhood years is the wooden puppet Pinocchio whose nose is no longer lying. Have you ever thought about the real reason why this character is so popular?

Pinocchio, who is the hero of a story that is always set up to advise children to tell the truth, in fact, we all have a piece in it. In other words, everyone is hiding or manipulating facts at least a few times throughout their lives. Even though we try to be honest, we can sometimes believe that pink lies will bring us to a better point. But the truth is not really so. Because always telling the truth is of great importance not only in terms of morality, but also in the sense of personal development as it enables the person to be strong enough to face himself and the facts.

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