Question asked 2 years ago
Why do you think Steemit has fewer subscribers as compared to other social media networks?

Although popular social media site have millions of daily users. They have also been online for much longer than steemit.com.

But there are certain things that I think are holding back steemit from going mainstream:

  • Crypto Bear Market:  The bear market has had a massive effect of how many people use the social media. When prices are high so are the daily attendance, posting, up voting and more interaction in general.
  • Slow on boarding: People today can't wait for something we need everything to be instant so we can have gratification. So the two week wait period is unacceptable. And we need to improve that. Please support projects that make on boarding easier like Activit recently announced they will try to solve. 
  • Early stages of adoption: We are still only on the early stages of adoption I feel. It would be a shame if we are not. Early adopters are often rewarded handsomely of they position themselves correctly.
  • Complicated keys management: Although the keys/password management can be confusing at the beginning. It is of utmost importance that you hold your own crypto. Otherwise it is the same as  central planning that has failed money systems so horribly in the past. What we need are people explaining these things clearly to the users. 
  • It's a movement: Only when the masses realize what the oligarchs of media are doing will they move to censor resistant social media that rewards them instead of stealing their data.

Steemit.com has plenty of growth to achieve, lets all work to make it a success!