Question asked 3 years ago
Have you ever been embarrassed because you did not understand what was said in a language that you didn't understand?

Yeah... Actually it happened during my days at the polytechnic. I will never forget that experience even though it has been long since it happened.

It all began when the house I rented back then was filled with bad boys or cultists such that they tend to fight and cause problems in the house. I felt unsecured living in such house which made me met one of my Muslim brother and discuss the whole scenario to him.

He told me I should come stay in their house since there are just few Muslim brothers in his room. I accepted to stay with them since it's more secured that staying with bad boys who may end up destroying one's life.

My stay with the Muslim brothers was just so much fun and interesting such that we love each other and we do things together in terms of eating, cooking, washing, reading and some other activities. The main difference between me and the brothers was that they knew how to communicate in Arabic language while I was still a novice in it.

One day, one of the brother was with a lady (sister) and he told me in Arabic to help him bring one particular book on the table. I got to the table and brought the wrong one because I never understood what he told me in Arabic. He smiled and corrected me about it and I will never forget that book is "Kitab" in Arabic. I really felt embarrassed not be because of him, but because of the lady present at that gathering.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.