Question asked 3 years ago
Which is more important,"to love" or "be loved"?

In as much as it is important to experience both, I think it is more important to love than to be loved. My answer is based on the same principle of more blessed is he that gives that he who receives. I have seen that this principle is really practical and works. To love is more important and even if you are not loved back, there is that sense of accomplishment because you know deep down that you are doing what you should do which is to love all others.

In this life, I also believe in the principle that you only reap what you sow, so it is very difficult to sow love and not reap love too. Life does not operate that way, you might come across people who may fail to love you at first but once you demonstrate genuine love to such people and they can see love through you, trust me they will love you back.

So anyone who loves will be loved too and that is what i believe. S, Io will say the two move together hand in hand and where one is, the other should follow too. If you sow seeds of love then you will also reap fruits of love.