Question asked 3 years ago
What lessons has life taught you ?


Life has taught me that there is a lot of randomness in human events, that our fragile and ephemeral existence should be put to good use, and that we are nothing without love in our hearts.

We want to believe that there is a direct relation between our actions and what happens to us. From my view some things may be directly related to our actions, for instance, if I get rewarded here for asking and answering questions nobody can say that’s because I am lucky. I have obviously been putting a lot of effort writing my answers and there is a very generous heart behind the musing account that maybe rewarding me even when my answers are not that good, but I have to put something here so that that reward get to me and not to someone else (who is not musing).

We want to think that if we always do the right thing, only good things will happen to us. But the fact is that very bad things will happen to us sooner or later, regardless of our behavior. This gets even more frustrating when we see horrible people doing well (to think that they don’t sleep well does not make them less fortunate or us happier). The thing is that I have learned to do the right thing only because it feels good, regardless of the outcomes.

Death of loved ones, some a very early age, some very old, but still useful and wanted, has taught me the ineffable void of loss. We have fragile bodies and we live ephemeral existences. Out transit in this world is insignificant in the great scheme of things, but even looking at it that way, I have understood that there is a certain satisfaction in living a good life, without even (at least purposefully) hurting another human being. To be remembered and love, to be emulated by people who we touched while we walked this earth is a beautiful thing. We should do the best we can with whatever time we are given here to do good things for others.  

Lastly, we cannot live without a purpose and to have a purpose we need to love someone or something. I have read stories of millionaires who leave their fortunes to pets or libraries. I don’t blame them for that, I can’t judge them for that. At least they loved that cat or dog, or those books who they know will benefit and transform many lives. Some people live life as if they will never need anyone. They use people as they use material resources. Ultimately, we live to love someone to leave a trace and mark to continue living even after we are gone, in the hearts and minds of others.