Question asked 2 years ago
Whom would you save first - your child or spouse in a fire outbreak?

Depends on who is closer and who's in greater danger

While I appreciate the most people's feelings to save their children first, I don't share that instinct.

For me, it's a matter of who is closer. If I expect my child to be in the living room and I'm not sure of where my spouse is, I'll go for my child. If reverse is the case, I'll go for my spouse.

But then, having to choose between a child and a spouse isn't always an easy decision to make. While we're in the comfort of our homes we can make pronouncements on things we'll do.

However, in the heat of the moment, we often find ourselves confused to our next step. In times like that, we rely on our instinct.

Mine is a practical one. I simply save who I can get to first and try to reach for the second while I still can