Question asked 2 years ago
Wy do alot of big names submit suicide despite the fact that they apparently have everything?

Suicide isn't as a result of lack of money or comfort in life, it's a mental situation that can occur to anyone regardless of class or status. Long lasting depression that has been left unattended to is one of the major causes of suicide.

Most big people you see living in affluence are actually going through challenging depressing situations that most of them find difficult sharing with others because they don't want to lose their reputation. Their problems are bad because the couldn't share it with anyone and they are always expected to put up the "all is well appearance" whenever they appear in public. This makes many of they feel lonely and just want to end it all.

Rich people also need love and care just like anyone else because they are also humans with issues just like everyone else, but most of them keep quiet when going through challenging times that's one of the reasons why some of them commit suicide because they feel so alone in their very busy world