Well, you scored 126 ... Do not expect to perform intellectual feats or have the ability to interpret, learn, use logic, assimilation and pattern recognition of those who score 135 and above.

In addition, intelligence is not unique (and an IQ test can not measure it) you may not perceive any advantage compared to your university colleagues because the area you will be comparing will not be your strong point.

As I said before, having a high IQ that qualifies you as gifted, ie from 130 onwards (depending on the scale considered) does not mean that you can excel in all cognitive areas. Unless it is clear that you are like Da Vinci the greatest genius in history and the most prominent polymath.

I have a textual and auditory memory far superior to the average (although not photographic) and an excellent declarative memory that allows me to remember important situations in great detail. All of the above has allowed me to always be able to study during my career at a much faster pace than the rest of my classmates, and to learn languages ​​with ease.

Now, if I wanted to compare my mathematical ability with that of my father, whose IQ is lower than mine, I would lose a lot, since he has a talent for the exact sciences of which I lack.

Think of these two great geniuses of history.

Einstein and Mozart.

Who would have the highest quotient?

It is impossible to submit both to tests, since they have already died. But neither can be determined through a comparison of their achievements and legacies, since, from a non-analytical point of view, music and mathematics are incompatible, lacking in similarities and the brain areas used for the development of those two disciplines They are totally different.

But nevertheless. Can anyone claim that Mozart lacked mathematical ability? Or that if he had wanted, Einstein could not have composed music so masterful that it lasted for centuries?

I lived your life without comparing yourself with the rest, you will be happier. Also, if you are so interested in intelligence then use it and use it for something useful. "Measure" through tests is only good for some who score high shouting to the four winds seeking to stand out and show off or to create complex and cause anxiety in those who score too low or lower than their expectations.

Good luck in your life, and remember that it is not determined by a simple shtick.