Question asked 2 years ago
If you had 10,000 dollars to invest in just one crypto and hold it for five years which would it be and why?

Coincidentally my mission here on Steem is to accumulate at least 10,000 natural Steem Power for the next 4-5 years. I might have cashed out around 25% of my liquid earnings here but I am still pretty confident that I can achieve my goal.

So if I have $10,000 to freely invest in only one crypto and strictly hold it for the next 5 years then without a doubt I would invest it all to STEEM and even immediately power it all up seconds after. 

Despite the negativity and FUD from other people about Steem, I still remain to have high hopes on what it could do in the next 4-5 years. I'm not expecting much but I really do think we could easily go back to at least $3-$5 in market value once outsiders and normies start to understand what Crypto and Blockchain really is. 

From what I can see, people are just really skeptical how a "digital token" could be worth something. If only all people are gamers then they would understand how a character skin or item can have a value even though it is not tangible. 

But I think in the next 5 years, these FUD and others will be eliminated and people will soon realize how amazing and revolutionary this technology is. So yeah I am positive that the price will double/triple or even more in the next five years.