Question asked 3 years ago
Is Theresa May really a bad prime minister?

I think the British monarchial system of government its a no show and for me Theresa May has been under pressure as a result of this British brexit issue that's definitely making the round in England and the (EU) as well.

As of late the parliament has been divided under this issue and most of them are voting or showing a vote of no confidence on the prime minister Theresa May and the system of government that shows no confidence in her prime minister will show no political capability and assurances let alone promises and solutions.

she's made decisions that have been questionable that I will definitely admit but the decentralization of governance in england makes it very difficult for people to understand the pressure that she may be facing let alone make a better prime minister than her she inherited this brexit issue and it's been weighing hard down since inauguration she's been facing plots as well on how she will be impeached and replaced by someone else and all this are coming from members from the parliament.

currently I think the governance is in chaos and it will take a lot more than theresa may to resolve this issues they are procedures check and balances sometimes this decision she's making and not of her making she will have a lot of people to consult before taking decisions and this be firing back on her administration as a prime minister.

Nevertheless I definitely think she's not as bad she has just had bad people around her she has been making the wrong calls but this definitely doesn't mean she's wrong for the job England is looking for a messiah out of their mess and politicall problems and she's only in the spotlight and taking the heat of the mistakes and problems of the people in the upper and lower houses I definitely think she'll come good but for now they have to support her