Question asked 3 years ago
How many comments do you get per post? Compared with the number of active users you follow, would you say your content is of any impact?

Actually if I'm to calculate it averagely I'll definitely say I get close to 7 comments on my posts actually this comment definitely very from post to post sometimes there are different topics that interest people the more like for example if I asked about people opinion on the rise of steam and I blog about it then definitely I may get more feedback on such a content rather than when I write a self opinionated content that doesn't need peoples feedback I may get lesser than 4 comments and when I write an engaging content I may get close to 10 comments so when I calculate all this averagely I'll definitely say I get close to 7 comments on each of my blog post on steemit.

Actually I don't think the numbers of followers that the person may have can determine how far their blog post may go or how many altruistic or engaging comments or feedbacks they may get I have close to 2.2 k followers and out of these followers I only communicate with 15 or 16 and get feedback from like 10 the remaining accounts are hardly active and the rest of them are robots and abandoned accounts of probably lost password accounts.

of course I'll definitely say my contents make impact that is to the people that are actually interested in my niche i'm a prose and poetry writer and I also do videos as well and sometimes people relate more to my videos more than my prose and poetry writing this definitely means that they find more impact in my videos rather than my poems or they can relate more to my video contents because it is much more of a larger range and covers a bigger perspective rather than my narrow niche which only covers little range of people that are only interested in art.

as a result of steemit decentralization you have no way of determine how impactful your content is because people judge impact full content based on reward which is definitely wrong however you know that your content is impactful when u have feedbacks of people that are currently related to your niche this is the only way to judge how impactful your content is for me