Question asked 2 years ago
Is gambling an addictive act?

Yes, gambling is absolutely addictive. Also depends on how to do it. If you're playing in a card game in a casino like blackjack or poker and are mathematically smart to actually make money over time, it will be less addictive but more enjoyable. anyway, point is it is addictive. Very few people realise that the probability of winning is low and if you're playing against the house, the game is rigged to begin with as the house is supposed to win. 

anyway, over time research has shown that gambling isn't just a compulsion but an addition. based on biological research and release of dopamine during gambling, the scientific community now agrees that gambling is an addiction. 

there are multiple facets to gambling, once you start losing, your brain plays tricks on you to tell you that you'll win the next time. and when you win, you're happy to get profit. and that is basically the transition from risk averse to risk taking as losses go up.