Question asked 2 years ago
Which is your favourite board game? What makes it interesting for you?

It happens to me, like everyone else, to play board games; in general it is with my family, like many people, during the holidays, family reunions, meetings ...

We play a lot of "Scrabble", which I like a lot, "Monopoly" and "chess", even if I am very nil. We sometimes play cards (laughs) too and many others ....

We also play other beautiful games that I enjoy very much, the games on issues of general culture (stress, fear of being null, ridiculous, but also the pleasure of learning, discovering, checking his knowledge, to surprise himself, to surpass himself, ...) Really magical, as moments! Fortunately, my family shares this pleasure (to learn, to discover, to understand, to marvel ...). Find your mind, your heart, your eye and your child's soul: it's vital and beautiful!

The quizzes and tests of general culture are really very pleasant, I tell you!