To be optimistic for the future seems insane to me!

I imagine that in the short term, there will be a petroleum crisis, and a big recession, say a global inflation that will do a lot of harm to the industrialized countries accustomed to a certain standard of living, and completely dependent on oil, plus the consequences of Greenhouse gases .. Let's say that in the short term, we risk going down from our foot of estal, and realize our technological absurdity; we will hate aeronautics, cars, industrialization ... I imagine that crafts, horses and wagons, the return of populations in rural areas will have a future. Let's say the need .. We will violently prohibit any pollution ... We will fight not for oil, but for food. Let's even say that we could take cognizance of our loss, our inability to manage a natural heritage before the disaster; but hey, it does not seem to be drawing. After the energy war that stifles a major debate for the future of humanity and the planet, nature will make the same household, population decline, climate catastrophe, the age of reason if it must exist (this in what I strongly doubt) will not happen before the violent consequences of our absurdities, but unfortunately afterwards. We are going to take a big slap, that's for sure, considering the logic of the economy to the growth of production and its link with the release of greenhouse gases. A circle rather viscous and inexorable. Certainly our nature consciousness will change in the short term. In short, we live in a space of heresy, that the generations of the future are certainly fighting more violently than we are today, it is only here that I see a certain positivism for the future. If we have a future.

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