Question asked 3 years ago
How to get a lot of followers on instagram?

Any platform requires great content to display to develop your followers!

Here are some tips that can help you!

  • Post regularly. Build a schedule that you prefer and publish it according to it
  • Choose a suitable time to post. There are many articles that explain when to publish better on Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Dribbble.
  • Especially just experiment it! Also go on larger platforms, make a page on Facebook / Twitter and stay up to date.
  • Use specific limited tags. With the tags you can discover, you get the audience that is exactly interested in what you publish.
  • Interact- You need to find other blogs in your area / area of ​​interest and talk to them, follow them, enjoy their work and leave your opinion on it! Just interact!
  • Have Patience - No one hits a lot of followers in one day, be patient.
  • Do not go for the compensation plan for followers.