Question asked 2 years ago
Which is your favourite board game? What makes it interesting for you?

I am a huge fan of board games. I've been playing some since I was in grade school, like chess, Chinese checkers and scrabble. During break time and lunch time, you will see us playing.

Of the three games I mentioned, my favorite is Chess. Believe me or not, I am good at it that I have competed in the Cebu City Olympics, the biggest sports competition in DepEd Cebu City Division. I may have not tried being the champion but being sent in that prestigious event itself is already a huge honor. Because of this experience, Chess has been  part of my life.

What makes me interested in Chess is, aside from being a very good past time, it can also enhance your thinking skills. Unlike scrabble where sometimes the outcome depends on the letters you picked, in Chess you need to think and plan out a strategy. Unlike in scrabble where you will wait for your opponent to cast his move, in Chess you can make a strategy while your enemy has not yet made his move. And most especially, chess helps you win more friends. Sometimes, your opponent becomes your friend because you share the same interest. 

Even if I'm a grown up now, I still play chess especially when I am bored. I have a chess app in my phone where I can play against AI so I do not necessarily need someone to play with me.