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Do you agree totally that suicide is an act of bravery or you believe it is an act of cowardice?

 Almost everyday, we hear in the news about people committing suicide. Different people, different walks of life, celebrities and many more are tired of their lives that they decided to end it.

Suicide is a crime against men and God. It is a crime against God because God gave us our lives therefore He has also the sole power to take it. However, sometimes our problems are too much to bear that we forget about God.

For me, suicide is not an act of bravery but of cowardice. It is only done by cowards who are afraid to face their problems so they run away from it. They think that ending their lives will end the problem but it only made it worse. They did not think of the people they left behind.

I remember what someone told us. Every problem has a solution. So, if you think there is no solution, then forget your problem. It is not a problem. As long as we live, problems always come whether we like it or not. But, suicide can never be a problem. You are only creating a problem over a problem. 

But if you think suicide is the only solution, think about this first. How many dying people wish that their lives will be lengthened? How many people wish they have your life? 

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