Question asked 3 years ago
With the rise of video streaming, do you think time will come when theaters or cinema would be replaced by streaming platforms?

After I had a smart TV in my house, I hadn't gone to the cinema that much due to video streaming on my tv. I don't think it's gonna replace theaters this soon as going to the cinema is still something quite great to do. Watching movies on the big screen when it premiers. The big budget movies, can't get as much money as it could if it is streamed on Netflix.

Netflix does have good content but I don't think it's fun to watch a great blockbuster at home. At the cinema, it is dark, we have to drive there and watch it as a social gathering before getting to the next location for a cup of tea with friends after that. The pop corns eating culture and the new cinemas that have 4d which gives the movie goers a new experience. The sound system that cinemas have built into. 

Netflix and Iflix complements the movie binge at home. Netflix also needs to stream a lot of movies in its database and imagine if the netflix subscribers need to pay a fee to view BUMBLEBEE, it would be quite something everyone would complain about. What these sites would replace are sub par cinemas that still have really outdated projectors and sound system would one day go out of business because newer cinemas give better user experience.