It's clear the kind of future this is when you look at the current state of relations on the international scene.

There's hardly any region in the world that has not seen strife amongst nations. There's a constant tussle for influence, control and power.

Every nation is striving to not be a push over by the other nations. Everyone seems to be driving development not necessarily because they want to improve the life of their country men but because they want to be able to threaten the next door neighbor. A good example is North Korea.

In other cases, nations like China who were once inferior in almost every way to the US at the end of WWII. Who the US had to come to it's aid during the second world war against the Japanese, are now able to confront the US.

This is largely because they are constantly building and positioning themselves to be able to challenge the US.

This pattern is what we see in various nations. Like the constant border conflict between Pakistan and India. Every country is positioning itself to be a force to reckon with.

With this picture in mind, we can therefore say that the future is not very promising for the world because we are really just preparing ourselves for the next confrontation. Only time will tell to what extent the next will be.

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