Question asked 2 years ago
Has anyone ever received an email directing u to claim winnings in large amounts from the Gmail award?

No, I never received any email telling me to claim any awards. If you receive any emails like that, it is a scam attempt to steal your money.

Gmail doesn't give money for Gmail award. This is made up. Scammers make this kind of claims to persuade people in to falling for this type of scams. 

Here is a example of this kind of scam attempt: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!msg/gmail/IjDhAO6FTM4/IaPv0AugaV4J

"Hi, Google didn't send that message.  Please do not respond with personal details and don't select links in the message.  You can select the arrow next to 'Reply' then select 'Report phishing.'"