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Will Blockchain See Wide-scale Commercial & Government Adoption?


It seems clear that both commercial and government entities are hard at work trying to figure out how to make use of the technology in a manner that best suits their purposes.

In the end, the speed with which that adoption manifests is directly linked to the one important factor that they both have in common: the end user.

Commercial forces are interested in developing efficient and attractive monetization platforms. Governments are interested in maintaining economic control and taxation models that work.

Both interested parties are in a race to build their respective infrastructures BEFORE mass adoption by the people at large. At that time, you'll see the shift you're looking for.

So when will mass adoption occur? It will happen when blockchain solutions are capable of providing users with the same functionalities, conveniences, turnaround, and benefits as that of centralized solutions. After all, the average person on the street doesn't care about controlling their funds to the same degree as crypto-enthusiasts.

Are you kidding me? To most, the idea of being responsible for the security of their own funds is inconvenient at best and a nightmare at worst. The average person is MORE than happy to give up a few bucks to shell that responsibility on to someone else.

The same goes for any application of blockchain technology. Seeds, private keys, transaction fees, block confirmations, and all the rest. It's not user-friendly, and it's not fun to figure out.

Essentially, it's a UX/UI puzzle. 

As a design professional myself, I can tell you that once innovative UX solutions start to knock down the blockchain barriers of confusion and complexity, the momentum towards widespread adoption will increase exponentially.

Commercial and government players will have no choice but to show their cards and deal themselves in.

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