Question asked 3 years ago
How feasible is it for a person to start a business without money?

Well, it is achievable. The point is: start somewhere. If you do not have the funds then maybe you should start by writing a comprehensive business plan, one you can send to people who can support you financially or provide you with some knowledge that will benefit you in the future.

A friend of mine wanted to start a business a couple of years back and he came to me for my opinion. I told him It was not possible, given all the bottle necks attached to this project of his. Also, it required a lot of funds, which he did not have. Two years after he is doing well for himself because he did not take my advice.

Sometimes we look past the challenges and concentrate on the possibilities. Start from somewhere. Find one aspect of your business that do not require capital and start from there. The thing is people will only support you when they see you're doing something tangible about your dreams and not just sharing ideas. Yes ideas are great but how feasible is your idea. Take a step further by implementing those ideas you have and I'm sure you will get the financial backing you need.