Question asked 1 year ago
Is it healthy to always admit one's mistakes?

This is an excellent question. Very excellent indeed. To be straight, yes it is absolutely healthy to always admit one's mistakes. That's something that everybody should know. Personally, I try to admit it and apologize once I realize I'm wrong. It's something that i had to learn and also something people have come to respect me for. I believe that there is no grace in pigheadedness. For some people, even when they realize they are wrong, they hold onto their false ideals and argue it to the end. Going down with the ship, if I may say. But to build a better people and to forge a better society, we must learn to admit our wrongs, apologize for them and also learn from them. To hold onto what is wrong is to hold onto falsehoods. Sometimes when I'm talking to someone about something and I'm arguing really passionately, then I realize I'm wrong, it's always kind of hard to stop and admit it. But I still do. And I do it because I value being corrected over being right. And I believe that if every man, woman and child can learn that realize that too, then we can make progress as a people. And if they have to be taught, then I'll use myself as an example