Question asked 3 years ago
If you had to live a week without internet, what will you do to keep yourself busy?

Well it won't influence much.

Read books an ever increasing number of books. Books are the best.

You can enjoy sports exercises like play badminton, cricket, swimming and so forth. Join exercise center.

Cook nourishment. I adore making mainland nourishment despite the fact that I dont know how to make however I would love to learn it. Along these lines you can entice your companions too.

Travel. Most ideal approach to maintain a strategic distance from lonliness. Feel the nature. Attempt diverse culture.

Invest energy with your folks and kin. Invest energy talking and going with family.

Composing. Most likely on the off chance that you are partial to composing like I am composing on quora , you can take a stab at making your very own blog. Journal composing is likewise best.

Craftsmanship. Incorporates outlining , painting ,inking and so forth.

P.S. I am genuine terrible at workmanship.

Photography. Its the most broadly utilized movement these days. Depends what sort of photography you like. Taking picture of workmanship or nature.

Watching motion pictures or TV.