Question asked 2 years ago
When do you think playstation 5 will be released?

I can't say for sure. I'm not much of a game freak. The only game I have had for a while is the PS 3 and I haven't finished using it yet. I love games but I've not had the money to get the Ps4 yet.

With the news however, I think ps5 would be out sometime next year.

This makes me remember something that happened some years ago. I was in high school, probably 2007. We had this friend, a classmate who used to tell lies to feel good about himself and give him rep. He told us he had a PS5 console. We didn't believe it, couldn't believe it. He kept ranting about it and said it was his uncle in London that sent it. One of us was a games freak and I there was anyone who could know, it was him. He said it was impossible. You can imagine that the Ps4 wasn't yet out but he was saying he had the PS5.

He made the mistake of saying that if we could follow him home, we'd see it. We all followed him, paid a cab to get there. Like and behold when we got there, he gave us water to drink and told us his father had locked the game in giant room while he was at school. We nearly murdered the dude dude's day. That was the last time he talked like that when we were around.

So very hilarious when I remember it!