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Are you usually voting for the presidentials in you country? Do you consider the voting system fair or manipulated? Would blockchain technology be an ideal solution for such events?

I'm from Africa. Here, the political setup is a really messed up. There is rarely any election conducted that issue free and fair.

I'm from Nigeria and you should come to see how things go down during elections.

Before the elections kicks off, you see politicians campaigning and giving *white elephant promises*. They promise to build bridges where there are no rivers. They let out some pieces of the millions of notes they've accumulated from dubious means and gullible people rally around them for what they can get.

What you see on the news most times are a farcry from what actually happens. You rarely hear that people lose their lives during these elections but it does happen.

For the first time since I turned an adult, I did go out to get my voter's card but it's not because I want to vote, it's because I needed it to upgrade my account which I use for cryptocurrency.

The voting doesn't count. Many times the winners are already in jubilation before the exercise.

Elections are marred with malpractices. Election officials get manipulated and cajoled into inflating through results of certain candidates. It's really a shame what still goes on at these times.

I think using blockchain technology would be a welcome idea. I mean each person could vote from the comfort of his/her home. However, I still think the process can be manipulated. Multiple accounts can be created.

What I think is needed is a system that eliminates human involvement in collation and also prevents the chances of multiple voting from one individual.

It could work, it could!

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